This is really wholesome content and the production quality is beautiful.

Kyssara is such a talented host.

Georgina Chaplin 




Cooking with Kyssara is a television series set in the beautiful backdrops of Alberta and Bristish Columbia. 

The series is is currently streaming on TELUS Optik TV on channels #611 and #720 and on STORYHIVE online.


Season 2 begins in the Summer of 2022!


Viewers will join young Kyssara as she embarks on a journey of delicious delights, and see that cooking can be fun and easy!

In each episode, Kyssara introduces a few healthy and delicious recipes.

She ventures to new places to learn more about supporting local businesses. 

It is a story of love, of community and of visual poetry, passed down through recipes.  

Baking Ingredients


Cooking is an essential life skill that should be enjoyable and not too complicated. Most of the recipes selected for the program, Kyssara is making for the first time, so everyone is truly learning together.


- Anne Mueller


Cooking with Kyssara will be playing at the Okotoks Film Festival

from May 29 - June 12 2022 under the On Demand Online KinderReels Family programming. 

Cooking with Kyssara has been selected to play at the following film festivals:

Florida Family Film Festival

Miami Film Festival

Vegas Movie Awards Film Festival

Sweden FIlm Festival 

Best Actor and Director Awards New York Film Festival 

Golden Leaf Film Festival 

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